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VLTC youth members are able to play tennis and padel. It’s important to show Sportsmanship and have loads of fun!  “Youth” refers to ages up to and including 17 years of age. On this page you will find further information about the different types of membership we offer our youth, information about the KNLTB tennis kids program and competitions and also the relevant training information.

Youth Memberships

VLTC offers 4 different youth memberships. Below is an explanation (incl costs) of these memberships.

Junior Total Memership Tennis

This membership includes membership fees, training once a week, activities, club shirt and participation in the KNLTB competitions.

What does this membership entail?
The Junior Total Tennis Membership is for all youth members who take tennis lessons. Lessons is necessary for technical and tactical development. In addition, taking lessons is a fun and educational way to get acquanted with this sport, improve your skills and have fund on the court with the other children. If you are going to take lessons, this is the membership for you.

What is included?

  • Unlimited use of VLTC’s tennis courts, if available
  • Use of the padel courts, weekdays up until 18:00, if available
  • Use of the padel courts, weekends, if available
  • 1x tennis lesson per week from a professional trainer
  • Participation in the KNLTB competition
  • Participation in various FUN activities and internal tournaments, such as Club Championships and tennis clinics and also non-tennis activities (Camp-Bowling etc). Click here for the Activities Calendar here
  • Free VLTC club shirt (collect from Sporthuis Olympia)

This membership is valid for periods of 6 months, starting September to January and then February to June.

Junior Total Tennis Membership Costs
The membership for the 6 month period is: EUR 177.50 or EUR 35.50 (x5) per month (wherby no contribution is collected for the months of July and August).

Would you like to take tennis lessons more than once a week?
That is a possibility! Please contact Sander van Asten of YouSports via: sander@yousportstennis.nl. He will be able to discuss the options with you.

Junior Membership Tennis

If you do not want to take tennis lessons, then this membership is suitable for you. This membership costs are EUR 65.00 per year. This includes membership fees and unlimited use of the tennis courts if they are available. You may also use the padel courts during the week until 18:00 and on weekends, if they are availble.

This membership does not include participation in the KNLTB competitions, club youth activities or the free VLTC club shirt.

Junior TOTAL Membership Tennis/Padel and Junior Membership Tennis/Padel

Do you want unlimited use of the padel courts (incl after 18:00 on weekdays)? Then you can expand the Junior TOTAL Membership or the Junior Membership with Padel. The cost for this is EUR 40.00 extra per year. Padel lessons are not included in this price. If you want to take padel lessons then please contact Sander van Asten of YouSports via: sander@yousportspadel.nl.

Termination of your membership
You can cancel your membership by sending an email to: ledenadministratie@vltcveldhoven.nl. Cancellation of the Junior TOTAL Tennis (padel) membership must be done no laten than December 31st or July 31st.

Tenniskids Program

VLTC implement the KNLTB Tenniskids program. This means that children are classified by age/playing color. The train and play matches at this classification level. The younger the child, the softer the ball and smaller the court. This way, children learn to play tennis better because they play longer rallies and develop more insight into the game and therefore enjoy the game more. Please click here for information about Tenniskids.



Youth with a Junior TOTAL Tennis membership partcipate in the Tenniskids competition for RED and ORANGE players, which take place on Sunday morning. The GREEN and YELLOW levels, play spring and autumn competitions, also on Sundays, usually late morning or afternoon. In the competition you play matches as a team, against other clubs. Competitive play is challenging, educational and helps you improve faster. In addition and most important, it’s fun, builds camaradery and helps develop that sportsmanship.

There is currently no competition for padel.


The tennis and padel lessons are given by the enthusiastic and fun trainers from YouSports. For more information about the training courses, click here

Registration or more information?

Would you like to register immediately? Then click here for the registration form.

Do you require more information first? Do not hesitate to contact the Youth Commission by sending an email to: jc@vltcveldhoven.nl

We wish you all loads of tennis/padel fun.

See or speak to you soon at VLTC!

The Youth Commission

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