Welcome to the VLTC Youth page!

VLTC for short (Veldhovens Lawn Tennis club), is a club where sportivity and fun go hand in hand. On our last count in 2020 the numbers show that we have a total of ca 650 members of which ca 110 are youth members.

Our youth are an integrate part of the VLTC policy plan, therefor our Youth Committee plays an important role in all the organized activities, for example:

  • World Tour and Youth KNLTB Competitions
  • Club Championships
  • Rood-Oranje Masters Tournament (younger youth)
  • Veldhoven Youth Tennis cup
  • Mini-Maxi Tournament
  • WWW Tournament (Winter Wollen Wanten)
  • Youth Camp
  • Winter Masters

We also organize and coordinate the training in collaboration with the head trainer.

Our Youth Commission currently consist of 9 people, 10 if you count the Head Trainer who also plays a vital and active role within the commission, seeing as he has the most direct contact with the youth members and their parents. Off course our trainers are KNLTB certified and in possession of their Tenniskids certificate. Training at VLTC is given by YouSports Tennis.

Youth Commission – Motto:

“Every youth member should have fun and be happy, regardless at which level they play”

VLTC offers the KNLTB Tenniskids program. This means that children are categorized by age and allocated a colour level. This is then the level that they will train and play tournaments and competition in. The younger the player, the smaller the playing field and the softer and slightly larger the tennisballs. This way the children are able to play longer rally’s which improves their tennis game. As they improve and develop their game insight, the more fun the tennis game becomes. For more information regarding the Tenniskids program, click here.

VLTC offer different youth membership options. The main options being “The youth total plan basic” and “youth total plan plus”. Just as with other sport, these options include training, competition, club shirt and various club activities. For further information regarding the different membership options, click here.


We encourage the VLTC youth to participate in the competitions. The youngest members play in the World Tour, which is category Red and Orange and they play their matches on the Sunday morning. Green and Yellow categories play in the KNLTB competitions and start a little later on the Sunday morning and some also starting in the afternoon. We do ask support from our youth parents, to guide and support the teams on competition days. The tasks needed to be done is setting up a communication group either by email or app (or both), creating a play schedule and entering the scores on the KNLTB site on the day. We feel that it is important that the kids feel that they are part of a team so we encourage teams to travel to their matches together or assemble at a meeting point and arrive at the location together.

Do you want to join? Click here for our registration form.

Do you require further information? Please don’t hesitate to contact the youth commission by mail: jc@vltcveldhoven.nl

We wish you loads of (tennis) fun at VLTC!

Reacties zijn gesloten.